As part of network functionality that utilizes IPv6 for some communication, this article explains how to use our VPN concentrator for IPv6 internet connectivity.  Using a specified URL you will receive a fully routable IPv6 client address, IPv6 DNS servers and can browse the internet with your local machine using IPv6.  This will give you the ability to begin to familiarize themselves with using IPv6 transport across the internet.  As more applications become available via IPv6 this gives clients the ability to use IPv6 without having the capability on their local LAN segment.

Content / Solution:

Whatever your current VPN url is you can simply append an /ipv6broker on the end of the url to use the ipv6broker functionality.  For example - if my VPN url is my ipv6broker url would be  If you are using the full webpage you must use the fully qualified https domain name such as

*Important Note* - using this ipv6broker will disable all IPv4 communication on your machine and only permit IPv6 communication.

Here are detailed steps to using it:

  1. Login to the AnyConnect VPN using your Cloud username / password and click OK:

  2. You should now be 'Connected':

  3. You can test this via your terminal / command prompt or browser - in this example we will test against

  4. You can view your statistics by clicking on the statistics button on your AnyConnect UI:

  5. You can view your IPv6 route details by clicking on the 'Route Details' tab: