This article describes how to create a Notifications rule for Cloud Monitoring.


  1. To learn about Cloud Monitoring Notifications, we suggest you read:
  2. Cloud Monitoring for the Data Center is NOT in maintenance
  3. Must have previously enabled Cloud Monitoring for a Cloud Server. See:
  4. User is Primary Administrator or has both the Network AND Server roles assigned. 

Content / Solution:

  1. Access the Cloud Monitoring Portal as described in:

  2. Once you have accessed the Cloud Monitoring Portal, click on the Notifications tab at the top of the screen:

  3. You will now be on the Customer Notification Manager Page:

  4. Click on the Add New Notification Rule button:

  5. The Create New Notification Rule form will be displayed. Fill out the form with the appropriate information:

    Note: You can click on the Information button  to see more information about each element.

    • Location - Select the Data Center where the Server for which you want to receive notifications is located.
    • Server - Select the Server for which you want to receive notifications.
      • You can select multiple servers by using the Ctrl + click function (command {} + click for Mac) or by holding down the SHIFT key and selecting a range of Servers.
    • Metric - Choose the Metric on which the notification rule will be based.
      • You can select either CPU or Memory
    • Notification Threshold - Use the sliding button to set the threshold at which the notification will be sent.
    • Amount of Time Before Sending Notification - Select from the dropdown menu the amount of time that will pass before the system sends the notification. The minimum amount of time is 5 minutes. The maximum amount of time is 6 hours.
      • Note: Options are displayed in 5 minute increments.
    • Notify Email Address - Enter the email address(es) that will receive the notification.
      • You can add as many email addresses as you like, separated by a comma (,,

  6. Click on the Save Rule button:

  7. The new Notification Rule will be added to the pool of Notifications

  8. To delete a Notification Rule, see:

    To opt out of receiving Notifications, see:

    To manage a Notification Rule, see: