This article describes how to determine if a Cloud Server has been enabled to use the Cloud Backup service.

Content / Solution:

  1. In the Cloud Backup Menu, Select "Cloud Backup Servers":

  2. Expand the correct service option (Cloud/Managed Hosting/On Premise):

  3. Click the correct Server name to get to the Server page and expand Backup:

  4. Click on the "+" on the Right hand side to expand the Backup tab:

  5. Once the Backup tab has been expanded you will see the state of Cloud Backup on the Server:

    Important Note

    Even though Backup is enabled, Backups will not happen until a Backup Client is added. See
    How to Add a Backup Client to a Cloud Server

    If a Backup Client has already been added, the Backup tab will display information regarding the Backup Client(s):