This article describes how to delete an existing Sub-Administrator using the Administrative UI.

Deletion is a Permanent Change - Cannot be Undone

This is a destructive process and cannot be undone! You will have to re-create the Sub-Administrator if you accidentally delete one.


  1. Only the Primary Administrator can delete existing Sub-Administrator accounts. You must be logged in as the Primary Administrator to delete a Sub-Administrator.
  2. When using the Cloud API to delete a Sub-Administrator (rather than the UI), the call must be made against the Home Geographic Region API endpoint.

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home screen, click on the Compute button and select Account Management from the drop-down menu:

  2. You will be on the User Management screen. Click on the Manage gear next to the Sub-Administrator you want to delete and select Delete User from the drop-down menu:

  3. The Delete User dialog will be displayed. Verify that you have selected the correct Sub-Administrator and then click Delete:

    Note: This is a destructive process and cannot be undone!
  4. The system will display a success message:

  5. The User will be deleted and the UI will be updated to reflect the change: