This article describes how to remove a Cloud Monitoring Notifications rule.


  1. Cloud Monitoring for the Data Center is NOT in maintenance
  2. Must have previously enabled Cloud Monitoring for a Cloud Server. See:
  3. User is Primary Administrator or has both the Network AND Server roles assigned. 

Content / Solution:

  1. Access the Cloud Monitoring Portal as described in:

  2. Once you have accessed the Cloud Monitoring Portal, click on the Notifications tab at the top of the screen:

  3. You will now be on the Notification Manager page. Locate the rule you would like to delete from the Notification Rules pool:

  4. Click on the Delete link next to the desired rule:

  5. The system will display the Delete Notification Rule dialog box:

  6. Click Delete Rule:

  7. The system will delete the rule, and display a success message:

  8. The rule will be removed from the pool: 

  9. If you want to stop receiving Notifications for a rule without deleting the rule completely, see: