Provides overview of how to disable a Backup Client on a Cloud Server. Note this does not actually remove the backup client software from the Guest OS


  1. IMPORTANT NOTE: This action deletes the Backup Client in the Cloud system. However, it does NOT actually remove the backup client from the Cloud Server itself.
  2. After completing this step, it is recommended that you follow the uninstall process are described in these articles: 
  3. Only the Primary Administrator OR a Sub-Administrator User with the Backup role can disable a Backup Client on a Cloud Server.
  4. The Cloud Server must already have at least one Backup Client added to it. See  How to Add a Backup Client to a Cloud Server


  1. Access the Cloud Backups dialog as described in Cloud Backup - Access Cloud Backup Functions in the Updated UI:

  2. On the Cloud Backup tab, Select the "Cloud Backup Servers":

  3.  Expand the correct service option (Cloud/Managed Hosting/On Premise):

  4. Select the desired Server to get to the server page:

  5.  Expand the Backup tab, by clicking on the "+" on the right hand side:

  6. Once expanded select "Delete Backup Client and all Backups" option from the drop down menu(cog icon) from the right hand side corner on the Agents itself:

  7. A confirmation screen is displayed.  Click "Confirm" to delete the Backup Client or "Back" to return to the Backup Details view:

  8.  The system initiates deletion of the Backup Client, then returns to the Backup Details screen which displays a green confirmation panel upon successful deletion of the Backup Client:

    Note: The Backup Client will not be displayed on the Backup Clients list after the disable process is complete.
    To officially Disable the service for this server, ensure you select "Disable Backup" on the original window

    Note: this operation can be very quick so the Backup Client will often be gone by the time the Backup Details screen is displayed. The confirmation notice across the top of the screen will always be displayed.

    Note: The system will return to the Backup dialog with a icon to show that the operation is in progress, followed by a confirmation message at the bottom RHS of the screen on successful completion. The screen will finally appear as it did prior to Backup being enabled. Note that the Asset ID is no longer displayed because the server does not have Backup enabled. If Backup is re-enabled for the server a new Asset ID will be generated.

    Note: To disable Backup on the Server, see How to Disable Cloud Backup for a Server