Describes how to copy an OVF Package (the fundamental representation of a Client Image) from one Geographic Region (or "Geo") to another Geographic Region so a user can use the same Client Image in different Geographic Regions.


  1. Only the Primary Administrator OR a User with the Create Image role assigned by the Primary Administrator can copy OVF Packages between Geographic Regions.
  2. To copy an OVF Package to a Target Geographic Region, you must first export the image from the data center in the Source Geographic Region. For details see: How to Export a Client Image to an OVF Package
  3. A Customer organization may have up to two OVF Packages being copied into a single geographic region at one time. If you or other administrators are currently in the process of copying a total of two OVF Packages, you will need to wait until at least one of them completes before it is possible to begin another copy.
  4. NOTE: It is irrelevant to the UI but when using the API, this function needs to be initiated from the Target Geographic Region. For example, if you want to copy an OVF Package from the North America Geographic Region to the Europe Geographic Region, you need to initiate the copy from the Europe Geographic Region.

Content / Solution:

  1. Click on the Compute button and select FTPS OVF Packages from the drop-down menu:

  2. The FTPS OVF Packages page will be displayed. Select the OVF Package you want to copy to a different Geographic Region. The OVF Package dialog will be displayed. Click the Export to Another Region button:

  3. The Export OVF Package to another Region dialog will be displayed. Select the desired Destination Region from the dropdown menu:

  4. Click Export:

  5. The system will display a message indicating that the operation is in progress:

  6. Navigate to the Geographic Region to where you are copying the OVF Package:

  7. You will be redirected to the FTPS OVF Packages dashboard for the selected Region. Progress for the operation will be displayed:

    Note: This operation may take several minutes.

  8. When the copy operation has completed, you can click on the Manage gear, or directly on the OVF Package manifest:

    Note: You can choose to import the OVF file as a Client Image, or export it to another Region.