This article describes how to copy a Client Image between data center locations located in different Geographic Regions.

Content / Solution:

There is currently no single function that directly copies Client Images between data center locations in different Geographic Regions. However, this can be done by using three functions sequentially:

  1. In the source Geographic Region, use the Export function to export the Client Image that you wish to copy to a different Geographic Region. See How to Export a Client Image to an OVF Package
  2. Once the export is complete, use the Copy OVF Package function to copy the exported OVF package from the Source Geographic Region to the Target Region. See How to Copy an OVF Package from Another Geographic Region
  3. Once the copy OVF package is complete, go to the target Geographic Region and use the Import function to import the OVF package as a Client Image. See How to Import an OVF Package as a Client Image

Note that if you want to copy a Client Image to multiple Geographic Regions, you only need to export the Client Image from the source Geographic Region once. The same exported OVF package can then be copied and imported into each target Geographic Region. In fact, Step #2 can be run in parallel in up to two Geographic Regions at the same time.

Notes and limitations:

  1. These instructions apply only if the source and target data center are in different Geographic Regions. If the data centers are located in the same Geographic Region, use the function described at How to Copy a Client Image between Locations in the Same Geographic Region
  2. Client Images lose any disk speed characteristics when a Client Image is exported since the OVF format does not support disk speed information. This means that all Imported images will have all disk speeds set to Standard. For more details on disk speeds, see Introduction to Cloud Server Local Storage ("Disks") and Disk Speeds
  3. This is not a metered action, so there will be no additional costs due to bandwidth usage while transferring an image between data center locations.