This article describes how to add a Server to a VLAN in a MCP 2.0 Data Center


  1. VLANs are only available in MCP 2.0 Data Center locations. For an overview, see Understanding MCP 1.0 vs. MCP 2.0 Data Center Locations
  2. Must have deployed a Network Domain. See How to Deploy a Network Domain in a MCP 2.0 Data Center Location
  3. Must have deployed a VLAN. See How to Deploy a VLAN on a Network Domain
  4. Must have deployed at least one Server. See How to Deploy a Cloud Server from a Guest OS Customization Image

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, click on the MCP 2.0 Data Center location where the VLAN to which you want to add a Server is located:

  2. From the Data Center dashboard, click on the Network Domain where the VLAN to which you want to add a Server is located:


  3. The Network Domain dashboard will be displayed. Click on the VLANs and Servers tab:


  4. Click on the manage gear for the VLAN on which you want to add a Server, then select Assign Server to VLAN from the drop-down menu:

  5. The Add NIC / Add Server to VLAN dialog will be displayed:


  6. Enter the Name or IPv4 Address of the Server you want to add to the VLAN:

    Note: The system will display suggestions as you type.
  7. The system will automatically populate the IPv4 address field with the next available IPv4 address.
    You can select a different IPv4 by typing in the desired address. The system will populate a list of suggestions:


  8. Once the form has been filled out, click Add NIC to Server:


  9. The system will display a message stating that the operation is in progress:

    Note: It may take several seconds to complete this operation.
  10. If you expand the VLAN view, you will see that the operation is in progress:

  11. Once the operation is complete the System will display a success message:

  12. The Server will be added to the VLAN:

    Note:  indicates that a Server is the Primary NIC within a VLAN.