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This article describes how to access the Cloud Monitoring portal


  1. Cloud Monitoring must be enabled in the Data Center. See How do I Identify Hardware Specifications and Capabilities Available in a Data Center Location
  2. At least one Cloud Server in the Geographic Region is enabled for Cloud Monitoring. See How to Enable Cloud Monitoring for a Server

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home screen, click on the Compute button and select Support and Additional URLs from the drop-down menu:

  2. The Support and Additional URLs dashboard will be displayed. The Monitoring Links tab will be expanded on the right side of the screen:

    For instructions on how to enable Monitoring on a Cloud Server, see How to Enable Cloud Monitoring for a Server

  3. Click on the Link for the Geographic Region for which you want to enter the Monitoring Portal (in this case North America). The system will open a new browser and you'll be directed to the Monitoring log in screen:

  4. Sign in to the Monitoring portal using your Cloud credentials:

    • Account - Enter your Cloud UI Username

    • Password - Enter your Cloud UI Password
  5. The Cloud Monitoring "Dashboards" page will be displayed:

    Note: If this is not the page you land on, or if you would like to change the landing page, see: How to Change the Landing Page of the Cloud Monitoring Portal

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