Describes UI and Cloud API behavior during various types of maintenance events.

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During maintenance events, some facilities or functions may be unavailable. The methodology for advance notification about such events varies by Cloud provider. This article explains how such events can be identified from within the CloudControl UI while they are in progress.

Understanding Different Types of Maintenance

There are several different types of maintenance events that may impact availability of services:

Maintenance Events Affecting the Entire Geographic Region

Software Updates affecting the API as well as some Operational Maintenance events require making the CloudControl API unavailable in the Geographic Region for a short period of time. When the API in the Geographic Region is unavailable, the MCP Health Tile displays that an entire Region is under maintenance. This tile is displayed for the duration of the maintenance event:

During such events, all functions in all locations in the affected Geographic Region will be unavailable for both API and Administrative UI functions. 

The Cloud API (whether v0.9 or v2.x) will respond to requests on any Cloud API URL with the XML shown below for the duration of maintenance events. Code REASON_5 identifies that the system is in maintenance. The API response is accompanied by an HTTP 503 (Service Unavailable) response code. This response can be used to programmatically determine that the Cloud system is in maintenance. 

<Status xmlns="">
   <operation>Not Available</operation>
   <resultDetail>System is down for scheduled maintenance.</resultDetail>

The Cloud API maintenance response above is described in more detail in the API documentation.

Maintenance Events Affecting Specific Locations and/or Specific Functionality

Most Operational Maintenance events and Backup Maintenance events affect a specific location and may only affect a portion of the infrastructure. For example, VMware upgrades in a given data center location will prevent the use of server-level functions in that data center. In these cases, the system will identify that a location has an ongoing maintenance event in the MCP Health tile on the Home page:


Note: Hovering your mouse over the MCP Health tile will display which specific locations are under maintenance. 

The status section of the Data Center dashboard (available as described in How do I Identify Hardware Specifications and Capabilities Available in a Data Center Location) will give more detail about which portion of the system is under maintenance:

Note: This screenshot shows that for this location. both Console and Monitoring functions are in maintenance, and therefore functions involving these services will be unavailable until the maintenance has been completed. Other services will continue to operate as normal.

Cloud API users can identify such localized impacts using the List Data Centers (with Parameters) - Maintenance function in v0.9 API and the List Data Centers function in the v2.x API.

UI Upgrades Maintenance

Software Upgrades affecting the UI do not affect availability of services through the API, but may require a page refresh. During a Software Upgrade for the UI, the following message will be displayed after an update has been applied. Simply click on the message to reload the page: