Describes the pricing methodology for public IP addresses associated with Cloud Networks and Cloud Network Domains.

Content / Solution:

CloudControl tracks public IP usage for billing purposes as follows:

  1. Public IP addresses that are added to a Cloud Network (MCP 1.0) or Cloud Network Domain (MCP 2.0) are tracked as usage and billed based on an hourly rate per public IP address. Usage applies and charges are incurred regardless of whether or not the public IP is actually being actively used for a VIP or NAT.
  2. Public IP usage is viewable in the usage reports described at:
  3. There is one exception to this policy. Each Cloud Network in MCP 1.0 includes a block of "default" public IP addresses associated with it. This block may range from 2 to 8 public IP addresses, depending on the data center location. There is no charge for these public IP addresses, regardless of the size of the default block. For more details on block sizes, see Introduction to IP Addressing and Routing in MCP 1.0

Users should review their contractual pricing or contact their Cloud provider for the specific pricing for each public IP address hour in each Geographic Regions and/or data center location.

NOTE: In addition to the charges, there is a limit on the number of Public IP's that may be used based on the number of Cloud Servers deployed. For details, see Introduction to IP Addressing and Routing in MCP 1.0.