How Do I Opt Out of Receiving Auto Scaling Email Notifications



This article describes how to opt out of Auto Scaling Email Notifications


  1. Must have created either a Horizontal Auto Scaling rule, or a Vertical Auto Scaling Rule with notifications enabled. See:

Content / Solution:

  1. Access the Auto Scaling Manager, as described here:

  2. Click on the Get Started button:

  3.  The Auto Scaling Manager page will be displayed:

  4. Locate the rule you want to opt out of receiving emails for, and click on the Edit link for that rule, under the Action section:

  5. The Edit Horizontal Auto Scaling Rule, or the Edit Vertical Auto Scaling Rule form will be displayed, depending on which type of rule you chose to edit. Scroll down, and uncheck the Send Email Notifications box:

    • If there are multiple email addresses associated with a rule, you can delete an email address from the Notify Email Address box:

      Only email addresses listed in the Notify Email Address box will receive email notifications.
  6. Click the Save Rule button:

  7. You will be redirected back to the Auto Scaling Manager page:

  8. The email address(es) associated with the Auto Scaling account will no longer receive Auto Scaling notifications for that rule. If you have multiple rules set up and wish to stop receiving notifications for all of them, these steps must be repeated for each rule.

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