Getting Started with Docs


With the launch of the Updated UI, we have also launched a new Documentation site! This article provides an overview of the updated Documentation site and serves to give you a quick overview of how to use it.


You will notice that there are multiple search bars:

  • The Search bar in the top menu (1) will search the entire Documentation space, including Developer sites.

  • The search bar on top of the page tree (2) will only search the CloudControl Documentation space (UI documentation) and is available whenever the Page Tree is expanded (visible).

  • The search bar above the MCP 2.0 Documentation section (3) will also search the CloudControl Documentation space.

Use the search bar to locate Help or How-to articles. Search for keywords that will help you locate the article you're looking for. For example, if you need help connecting to the VPN, type "VPN" in one of the search bars. The system will provide suggestions for related articles:


The Documentation is organized by Topic and MCP type. For an overview of the differences in MCP types, see Understanding MCP 1.0 vs. MCP 2.0 Data Center Locations. (Note: Any articles that are relevant to both MCP types are cross-posted)

Click on a Topic page to view the documentation associated with that Topic.

On the Home page, there is a Featured Articles section. This section will be periodically updated with important articles. (This may include new features!)

The left Column of the screen includes navigational tools: Space Shortcuts and a Page Tree which will facilitate you finding the documents you are looking for: 

  • You can hide the Space Shortcuts and Page Tree by clicking the Collapse left column button , or by typing " [ ".
  • If the left column has been hidden, you can show it again, by clicking the Expand left column button  or by typing " [ ".
    • Note: If the left column has been hidden, you can still access it by clicking on the Space Shortcut or Page Tree icon:
  • You can make the page full screen by clicking the open page in full-screen button  or by typing " f ".

  • You can exit full-screen mode by clicking the open page in full-screen button  or by typing " f ".

    • Note: Clicking on one of the Space Shortcut pages will take you to the Topic page. 
    • Note: You can expand the menu in the Page Tree by clicking the expand button .

Please see Getting Started with MCP Cloud for an introduction to MPC Cloud!