This document describes the process of reconfiguring a server for RHUI after being migrated to a new GEO. If a server is being imported to Cloud Control and has not yet be configured for RHUI, follow the Migrating to the new RHUI v3 Architecture document

Content / Solution:


When a customer VM is moved from one GEO location to another, the server must be reconfigured to receive RedHat updates from the new location.  Attempts to continue using the previous location's repositories will no longer function once the server has been moved to a new GEO.  The steps outlined in this document will ensure the migrated server continues to receive RedHat updates.

  1. Identify the Existing MCP Client

    # rpm -qa mcp-client*

    The above RPM command shows the currently installed MCP-Client is for RHEL6 and is version 3.1-1.  This version of the client contains a script which will update the client for the new location.


    If the version returned by the above command is 2.0, simply run "yum update" to install the proper version of the client equipped with configuration information for the proper RHUI architecture. Step 2 below can be skipped once this has been done. 

  2. Run the client update script

    # /usr/local/bin/update-rhui-client

    This script will download and install the proper client-configuration RPM based on the location of the server.  The script will not present any output; however, all messages generated by the script will be logged in /var/log/rhui-client-install.


    The script will lock the YUM database for 3 to 5 minutes; therefore, no other YUM operations can occur until the process is complete as indicated by the following lines the /var/log/rhui-client-install log file:

    [12/05/18 10:57:47] Rebuilding YUM cache...(This will take about 5 minutes)
    [12/05/18 11:00:27] Done.
    [12/05/18 11:00:27] MCP Client has been successfully updated.