This article describes the method to detach a backupset for a backup enabled server. Detaching backupsets will allow customers to isolate the backupset's life cycle from that of the asset.

Once a backupset is detached, it has no relation to the parent asset until a attach operation occurs.

Prerequisites  :

  1. The asset where the detach operations are attempted should have at least one active backup agent and at least one completed backup. 
  2. All agents on the asset are in "Active" state and there are no backups in progress. 


  1. The feature is supported on both MCP 1.0 and MCP 2.0. However, the feature cannot be used to migrate workloads between MCP1.0 and MCP2.0. 
  2. The feature is not supported on on-premise installations and is only available for Virtual Machines
  3. If backup is enabled on the parent asset after a detach operation, then a new backup set will be created with no link to the old backupset . History cannot be ported between backupsets. 
  4. Once a detached operation succeeds, data aging on the detached backup set stops. The user will be charged a flat bill going forward . 
  5. Detach operation will stop all scheduled backup jobs . 
  6. Detach operation might have unforeseen results if executed on non self-serviced agents. Agents that are self-serviced currently are SQL Server, MySQL, System State and File System. 
  7. Detached backups have no relation to the life cycle of the parent asset. The detached backup will be retained in the holding area and billed for, until such time it is manually deleted from the holding area. 

Content / Solution:

  1. Navigate to the asset where the detach operation needs to be executed and access the "Backup" section . 

  2. Accessing the "Actions" menu provides an option to "Detach Backup" . This option is only available , if all the preconditions are met
  3. Click on the "Detach Backup" to display the dialog for detaching backup. Each detached backup can have a user defined "Backupset Name" and "Description". Although the description field is optional, this meta information will be displayed in the holding area. It is highly recommended that the user inputs relevant information, that will allow them to identify the backupset and the requirements for the target, during the attach operation. 

  4. Once the information is entered, click on "Detach Backup" to finish the detach operation. If the detach operation succeeds, all agents associated with the asset are automatically removed and backup disabled. If any errors occur during the process, the user will be prompted to disable the backups manually. 
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE : After the detach operation, it is recommended that user uninstalls the clients on the asset. Failure to execute this step will cause conflicting entries in job reporting and billing.  
    For steps to uninstall backup clients, please follow the following links
    1. How to Uninstall the Backup Client on a Windows Server
    2. How to Uninstall the Backup Client on a Linux Server
  6. The backupset will appear in the holding area
  7. The asset is back to the pristine state.