This article describes the procedure to enable Volume Shadow Copy for a Window Server. This technical step allows you to backup your Open Files during the backup window.


  1. Ensure you have enabled the Windows server for the Cloud Backup service.
    1. How to Install the Backup Client on a Windows Server
  2. You must have administrator access to the Windows server.
  3. Ensure you have allowed for a minimum of 10% or greater of free disk space for the Volume Shadow Copy service to operate.

Content / Solution:

  1. Use Remote Desktop to make a remote connection to the Windows Server:

  2. Open Windows Explorer and locate the Computer hard drive screen.

  3. Select to local disk C and right click and select Properties:

  4. You will see this pop up screen. Select the Shadow Copies tab. In this example it shows the C:\ as being currently disabled:

  5. After you've clicked on the C:\ you will need to click on Enable button:

  6. You will see this pop up on the screen. Select Yes to enable:

  7. Now you should see this displayed post the change. Click OK button to SAVE the change.

  8. Should you wish to have additional drives other than just the C:\ drive, then please do the same process:

  9. Now you can proceed to install the Windows File Backup Client onto your server:

    Cloud Backup - Installing the Backup Client on a Windows Server