This articles describes the pre-requisite steps to ensure you've configured the Backup Client on your Linux server correctly to guarantee your backups of MySQL are scheduled correctly.


  1. Ensure the Backup Client is installed on the Linux Server. Refer to this article:
  2. Once logged onto the Linux server, you will see the Backup Client on the server will be located in /opt/simpana/RestoreClient.
    To launch the application browse to /opt/simpana/RestoreClient and execute the following command.
  3. You will see the screen with options for configuration.Select option 3 to Create MySQL Instance.

 Content / Solution:

  1. This menu below highlights the configurable options that need to be entered. Please fill in the details as per below screen capture:

  2. Should you wish to Modify your backup job, then ensure you select option 4 in the menu below:

  3. You can again amend the options you selected prior: