This article describes the method to attach a backup set. Once attached, the asset will act like agents

Once a backup set is detached, it has no relation to the parent asset until a attach operation occurs.

Prerequisites  :

  1. The source and target assets are compatible. Please check the holding area for  information about the detached backup set. If this prerequisite is not met, backup history will be treated as a new backup on the asset.
    1. The OS architecture of the target server matches that of the detached backup set. 
    2. If application agents are present in the detached backup set, the configuration of the applications on source and target should be identical. For example, in SQL Serverhe instance names on source and target should be the same. 
  2. The target asset has no backup agents added to the asset. 
  3. To prevent conflicts, it is highly recommended that the client on the source machine has been uninstalled. 

Caveats / Notes : 

  1. Feature is supported on both MCP 1.0 and MCP 2.0. Feature is not supported on on-premise installations. 
  2. Data aging will kick off once the attach operation executes. Data aging will honor the original backup's storage policy settings. 
  3. A known issue exists in a exchange VLAN scenario (How to Exchange VLANs between Two Different NICs) which causes the client to lose connectivity after a VLAN move. For details check 
  4. After an attach operation, all agents are in "Unregistered" state. The user will need to download and install the clients on the target server, after the attach operation. Documentation on how to install clients is available here : 
    1. How to Install the Backup Client on a Windows Server
    2. How to Install the Backup Client on a Linux Server
    Please Note: In rare occasions when the client has been upgraded to v11, attach operations might fail. Please contact support if you experience this case. 
  5. Once attached, the detached backups are removed from the holding area and billing will resume under the backup plan associated with the target server.
  6. Restore from detached backup set is not supported in Release 4.2 

Content / Solution:

  1. Navigate to the asset where the attach operation needs to be executed.

  2. "Enable and Attach Backup" option is displayed in the "Actions" menu in the Backup section. This option is also available in the working area. 

  3. Alternatively, if an asset is enabled for backup but no agents has been added, then an option to "Attach Backupset" is provided to the user. 

  4. Depending on he current state of the asset, click on the "Enable and Attach Backup" or "Attach Backupset", to produce the dialog for attaching backups. The dialog will list all the available detached backups, filtered by the OS architecture of the current asset . For example, if the target OS is Windows x64, only assets matching these OS architecture are listed in the dialog. 

  5. Clicking on the "Detached Backup Name" of the detached backupset in the listing will select it for the attach operation. 

  6. Click "Enable and Attach Backup" to start the attach operation.  

  7. If the target asset has backup service plan that is different to the detached backupset's backup service plan, then the service plan of the detached backupset takes precendence. A user is provided with an confirmation dialog if this is the case. 

  8. The attach operation will execute a series of steps. 

    1. Enable backup on the target asset . 

    2. Match the service plan of the target asset to the detached backup set, if one exists on the target asset. 

    3. Attach the detached backupset to the target asset 

    4. Add all the agents from the detached backup set to the parent asset. 

    This operation can take some time to complete. Once this operation is completed a notification is displayed to the user. 


  9. The agents are added in an "Unregistered" state. Installing the clients on the asset, and configuring them is essential to move the agents to an "Active" state and for scheduled backups to work. 

    For steps to uninstall backup clients, please follow the following links

    1. How to Install the Backup Client on a Windows Server

    2. How to Install the Backup Client on a Linux Server

    Tip : If SQL server detached backups are attached to a new asset, then change the hostname of the target machine to match the source instance name. This will ensure that the configurations on the SQL server will work and scheduled backups will succeed.