This page details a known issue with creating a Snapshot Preview server from a Snapshot which has an IDE Hard-disk which is not an OS Disk.


Description of Issue

When a new Snapshot Preview server is created from a Snapshot as described in How to Create a Snapshot Preview Server from a Local Snapshot and the Historical Snapshot from which it was created has a Disk on an IDE controller which is not an OS Disk, the server will not boot into the OS. The underlying issue is that when a new server is created, any Disks on an IDE controller will always be prioritized in the BIOS boot order.

This article describes how to fix the BIOS boot order if it has changed on a Snapshot Preview server. It should be addressed at that point, as the issue will persist even after the server is migrated as described in How to Migrate a "Snapshot Preview" Server to a Normal Cloud Server unless the changes described in this article are made.


  1. You must Reset the Server. Issuing a Restart will have the desired effect

Content / Solution:

  1. Launch the Server's console:

  2. Reset the Server:

    Note: You must RESET the server. 

  3. As soon as the reset command is issued, navigate back to console and Press "Esc" to continue to the Boot Menu:

    Note: This step must be done quickly. If you wait too long, you'll have to reset the Server again. 

  4. Once you Press "Esc" you should see the following Screen:

    Note: If you press ESC and don't see this screen, you may have waited too long to press ESC. Try resetting the Server again and quickly pressing ESC.

  5. Navigate to the Boot Screen and select the Boot disk (Press -/+) to change the Values:

  6. Once you select the right disk, Press F10 to save and exit the screen: