API 2 Documentation

CloudControl API 2 was introduced as API 2.0 to coincide with the release of Cloud MCP 2.0 Data Center locations.

The current API 2 version is API 2.13 as of the June 30th, 2020 release (revision API 2.13 v1.00 / XSD 2.13.0-0) and you can download the latest version on the API 2 - Documentation Downloads page.

Please refer to the related articles below for API 2 - XSD, API 2 - Documentation Downloads for XSD, previous versions and revisions, and other relevant information.

API 0.9 Required for Some Functions

A few CloudControl functions still require use of the older 0.9 API documented here: API 0.9

Functions relevant to MCP 2.0 that are not yet migrated to API 2 include:

  • Backups
  • Some Report functions
  • Some Import /Export/Copy Image functions

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